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Soccer is a game that teaches youngsters more than how to kick the ball around and score points. Total Futbol Academy and Barcelona AZ president and coach, Greg Gonzalez, feels it is about maintaining a Christian atmosphere on and off the field and mentoring the athletes in futbol, academics and character.

The TFA-Barcelona AZ programs for ages 3-18 and teach the same philosophy and techniques learned in Barcelona Spain. The teaching is adapted to the ages and abilities of the players.

Justin Burns, manager of the 2005 Boys Team, has three sons on the team and he says it has been exciting to watch them grow over the past three years. Playing club soccer for Barcelona AZ was a leap for his sons and their development as players. The club is not just results driven but kids develop as players and as people.

Players talk about the importance of the skills they learn; handling the ball, passing, scoring and improving themselves. They also say they learn the importance of building confidence and being part of a team.

TFA-Barcelona AZ also gives back to the community through free training clinics and food and clothing drives. Learning about giving back is important to developing good players and good people.

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Total Futbol Academy

Total Futbol Academy