Sustainable Gardens

Pete Curé shows you how to tackle several sustainability projects at his house. We head to the high country so Pete can show you some easy and relatively inexpensive projects you can tackle in no time.

First up, terracing. What is it and what can it do in your yard to help save water. And, we’ll talk to an expert in sustainability and get her tips on saving Mother Earth.

We don’t get a lot of rain here in Arizona so when we do get some wet weather it’s best to save it. Pete will show you how to install a rain barrel so you have precious water for your gardens and lawns. And there’s no better way to water your lawns than with well placed gutters. We’ll show you how a little planning with your gutters can keep your yard green.   Then we take a trip South to Tucson. We visit the Tucson Botanical Gardens to see how they use aquaponics.

In this week’s ‘Ask Pete’ we talk about using trees to shade your house and cut down on your electricity bills. And it would be sustainability with composting. See how Pete uses some simple materials to get nutrient dense compost for his gardens.

And finally, do you have some old materials laying around like bricks and wood. Pete will show you how he uses recycled materials to build a cool planter for his strawberry garden. All this and more as we travel to Clarkdale for a visit at Pete’s house.


Sustainable Gardens