Space Desk (M33 Labs)

One person can change the world, but when a team like M33 puts their skills to work, imagination embraces transformation. 

Brandon Smith, CEO of M33 Labs, says he was an IT guy in Michigan when he went to visit a buddy who worked in a design studio. Smith was struck by how his friend worked on design. When he drew something, he would first draw it on paper and then draw it on the computer. Smith asked his friend why he didn’t just draw on the computer. The friend reported drawing on the computer was too cumbersome, and it was difficult to see what was being drawn. 

For Smith, a light bulb went on in his head, and he thought there should be some kind of touch screen that could be interfaced with and drawn on. Smith wondered what the desktop computer would look like if was reinvented today, and SPACE – The ultimate workspace began to take shape. He started with a 24” touch screen. The next thought was to clean the computer up, and he thought it should be built into the desk. The result was a SPACE that is a desk and a computer. 

Design team member, Cecilia Ramey, works on graphic design media as well as the actual design of the desk. When she first joined the team, she said it was obvious the new SPACE, the computer/desk, had been designed by engineers. In other words, it was functional, but stark. The next step was to make it more comfortable, more human. She likes to think of design in terms of car design; it needs to be comfortable, you use it every day and it gets you to work. The desk should be like that; comfortable, easy to use and both simple and clean. 

Smith and his team believe the best work happens when people have the best tools. 

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