Phoenix Mariachi Vive

Phoenix Mariachi Vive was born out of the desire of three Phoenix Mariachi groups wanting to do something for Phoenix and put their groups on the map. Dianne Figueroa, Public Relations Director, for Phoenix Mariachi Vive, explains their desire to keep the youth connected to the history and traditions of Mariachi. 

The three groups are Mariachi Juvenil de Mi Tierra ages 8-19, Mariachi Rubor and Mariachi Azteca de Oro. Mariachi Rubor and Mariachi Azetca de Oro have added youth components. 

Fidel Amador, director of Mariachi Azteca do Oro, says they are providing three different levels of study of Mariachi, beginning, intermediate and advanced. They are learning about the instruments: 5 nylon string guitar, vihuela, guitar, guitaron, violins and trumpets. Amador wants to share Mariachi with the Phoenix community. 

Figueroa notes the 1st Annual Conference is coming up and it is an opportunity to get the kids out and show off Mariachi. It is an opportunity to involve the community. Not just the Latino community but Phoenix in general. The event will feature local artists and performers, Mariachi groups, food trucks and arts and crafts vendors. It will be a wonderful time of great Mariachi.

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