Martin Auto Museum

The Martin Auto Museum is located on north Black Canyon Highway right here in Phoenix. President of the museum, Mel Martin, has been in the car business all he life. He started with a garage when he was17, next came a body shop and later an auto auction. In 2005 he started with commercial real estate and in 2008 he bought the 22,000 square ft. building that houses the Auto Museum. 

Martin owns 84 cars and rotates the cars on display to keep 60 in the museum on display. The museum has cars form movies, low mileage cars and rare cars. Martin has a Düsseldorf on display, only five were made. 

Martin says he buys what he likes and he likes cars that have something unique about them. He has a 1951 Mercedes that was used in Hogan’s Heroes when the prisoners left the camp. He has a beautiful old Cadillac convertible featuring two windshields. The one for the back seat folds down and lifts up so the passengers can enter the car. The car is beautifully maintained. 

Another point of interest is a clay model of a car on loan to the museum. The model, according to Martin, will be used to build a new Lincoln someday. He says today all cars being built start with a mockup like the one on display. 

Owning a car museum should come as no surprise because Martin has a passion for restoring old cars. But his passion goes a step further. His passion is to create a restoring school to teach the new guys how to restore old cars. Schools often bus in groups of 10-15 students interested in old cars and restoration. His dream would be a school to give them hands on experience restoring cars at a low cost to the students. With his participation in civic organizations, his generosity to the community, his passion and his entrepreneurial spirit he could see his dream come true.

The museum has a lot to see and is both family and event friendly. To find out more, visit or check them out at 17641 N. Black Canyon Hwy, Phoenix, AZ.