Make-A-Wish – Rebekkah (Part 2)

This week’s Make-A-Wish Arizona story introduces Rebekkah, an eight year old who likes to draw and read. Her mother describes Rebekkah as happy, strong and kind to everyone. She says Rebekkah loves school, she can’t wait to go each day and her homework is her top priority when she gets home. 

When Rebekkah grows up she says she wants to be a teacher because they love their students and they get to teach and help others.

Rebekkah’s dad explains her uniqueness. She is a surviving twin. When she was an infant she seemed to have a cold and her mother took her to the doctor. The Dr. wasn’t too concerned about the cold but was alarmed by Rebekkah’s rapid heart rate. She was hospitalized and diagnosed with atrial septal defect, a hole in her heart. 

Rebekkah’s mom contacted Make-A-Wish Arizona as a means to lift their spirits. A trip to Disney World; riding the rides, meeting the princesses, and seeing Mickey and Minnie are what Rebekkah wants to do. 

Mom and dad say Make-A-Wish Arizona has been wonderful. They are grateful for the love that has been shown to their family and want to thank the organization for bringing happiness to kids and their families. 

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