Let’s Go Downtown

Many communities are seeing a rise in the popularity of their downtown neighborhoods. J.R. and Vanessa visit downtown Phoenix and Glendale to see how restaurants, nightlife, and the arts are bringing new life to older neighborhoods.

Downtown Glendale is the place for everything from a Farmer’s Market to the Final Four. Signature events like ‘Glendale Glitters‘ draw locals and visitors to this downtown area filled with small town charm. Be sure to stop by the Catlin Court Historic District, and the Westgate Entertainment District. Glendale’s great Sports and Entertainment areas welcome you and your family.

Downtown Phoenix is a center for restaurants, sports and art galleries that is  drawing residents to the heart of the city. It’s an area that is leading the nation in adaptive reuse of existing structures. Roosevelt Row is a center of arts and culture. Downtown Phoenix nurtures local art as well as the Phoenix Symphony, the Phoenix Ballet and the Phoenix Opera. To top it off, Phoenix is now known as the #1 Pizza Town in the country.

Students traveled to downtown Phoenix to experience ‘Connect2STEM’. It’s an annual event that provides youth and their families the opportunity to get hands-on with all things science, technology, engineering and math.                                 The University of Arizona School of Medicine in Phoenix and Cox7 team up to create 100 STEM activities. Learn to make 3D photos. Have fun with bubbles. Learn to be a STEM reporter. Make a smoothie with an exercise bike. 200 volunteers make this a great family opportunity for over 7,000 people. 

Chicanos Por La Causa joins forces with healthcare providers at an event in Maryvale aimed at keeping families healthy and active. The 2016 CPLC Community Health Fair is about every aspect of the health of the community. It’s much more than a check-up. It’s an opportunity to find out about jobs, education and housing as well.

My Guy’s 8 Step Process insures you’ll always find the best service provider for the job you need done. Today we find out how this helpful service got its start.