Folk Music Artist

When Jonathan Thomas was 14 or 15 years old he got his first guitar. He wanted to play music because his brother did. He began playing Reggae music to emulate his brother. The more he played, his music became his own. His music was a way of expressing himself and where he was in life. In high school Jonathan saw a movie about Bob Dylan and began to gravitate to Folk music. It was the music he wanted to write and play. He wanted to do music that was real and true. 

He was also influenced by the music of Hank Williams and Johnny Cash. They are known for Country but in the truest sense Jonathan feels they are Folk singers. 

Jonathan notes he is still evolving as a musician. He is writing and playing what is true to him. His passion for his kind of music and sharing it with others is what it is all about. Find out more about Jonathan’s music by visiting