J.R. and Vanessa take a trip down memory lane, checking out delicious diners, old and new. Chase’s Diner is an iconic, family owned place that has been dishin’ up the good stuff for nearly 20 years. Jennifer Chase is your tour guide to the place Skip and Nancy opened back in ’97. It’s been a family affair ever since. Head out to Chandler for some of Andre’s Spicy Green Pork Chili. It’s a tangy treat. Your family will feel like family at Chase’s Diner. Be sure to check ’em out online for coupons and giveaways. Some say Mel’s Diner was the inspiration for the TV show ‘Alice.’ This diner has been the setting for several movies and TV shows. It hasn’t changed much over the years so the atmosphere is classic ‘diner.’ Check out their cool cup collection and don’t forget the chopped steak and eggs. Keep an eye out for the occasional celebrity sighting. The last thing you might expect to see at a car dealership is a diner, but that’s just what they have at Sanderson Ford where you’ll find the Starliner Diner. They have hamburgers named for cars, delicious milk shakes, a breakfast menu and friendly service. It’s the kind of place that will take you back to the golden days of Route 66. It’s a pleasing blend of nostalgia and comfort food.  Welcome Diner is a classic diner serving up their delicious take on diner fare. It came from old 66. The Welcome Diner came to the Garfield Historic Neighborhood in 1979, from Williams. Check out the extensive menu. It’s sure to be fun for your palate . Welcome Diner has excellent drinks to top off your meal as well as a crowd pleasing beignet to get you on your way. Don’t forget to ask about Big Jim and No Way Jose. Phoenix Children’s Hospital and Kohl’s Fit want you to know all about healthy drinks. Sugary drinks can wreak havoc on your family’s health. Your Kohl’s Fit expert shows you which drinks are good for your family, and which ones you should avoid. My Guy’s 8 Step Process insures you’ll always find the best service provider for the job you need done.