Zane Grey Cabin & Rim Country Museum

(Cox7 advertiser) In 1990 the Dude Fire destroyed the treasured historic Zane Grey Cabin. However, a replica has been built in Green Valley Park for visitors to see and learn about the history of Zane Grey. Sandy Carson, Northern Gila County Historical Society, explains the purpose of the organization is to preserve history in and around Payson. To keep the past alive, they show times gone by in exhibits, allowing visitors from all over the world to experience the past. 

Zane Grey first came to the Payson area in 1918 for hunting. He purchased land from his hunting guide and his original cabin was built in 1921. Grey returned most years in the fall for hunting. He loved what he saw in the area and liked the people he met. Many of those people ended up in his books. He wrote 23 books set in Arizona and 13 of those were set in Rim Country. 

The Zane Grey Cabin was rebuilt in 2005, primarily by the efforts of the Zane Grey Foundation. The foundation raised the money and built the replica on historical society land. They furnished the cabin with furnishings and artifacts from the era that would have been in Grey’s cabin when he occupied it. The foundation turned the cabin over to the Northern Gila County Historical Society in 2011. Carson says, if Zane Grey walked through the door of the cabin today, he would recognize it as his. 

The Zane Grey Cabin brings over 6,000 visitors yearly to the area and many of those visitors go on to visit the Rim Country Museum. The museum presents the 11,000 year history of the people in the area from prehistoric culture to early pioneers. 

For information visit or call 1-928-474-3483

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