Thumb Butte Distillery (2016)

(Cox7 advertiser) Thumb Butte is the first legal distillery in Prescott, AZ since prohibition ended in 1933. The distillery produces award-winning vodka, gin, whiskey, and rum – all flavors with maximum capacity. Each bottle identifies with Arizona and is hand numbered with the proof written on the label.

Thumb Butte is committed to using local grains and working with farmers who share a strong passion for their product (wheat and barley). This allows Thumb Butte’s home-made spirits to bring you the special and authentic flavors that you can’t find anywhere else besides Arizona. Thumb Butte takes pride in being locally owned and operated. Make your preference local, ask for Thumb Butte Distillery.

Thumb Butte’s spirits are can be enjoyed at many fine establishments in the valley and can be purchased at several liquor stores. Go to or call 928-443-8498 to find the nearest location to you.