Shopping at Goodwill

(Cox7 advertiser) Goodwill has more than 60 retail stores through Maricopa County, Prescott and Yuma. They offer gently used items like clothing, furniture and household wares. You can find incredible bargains at the stores and save even more by using coupons you find online or by shopping on designated sale days. All of the proceeds from Goodwill stores go towards their mission services of putting people to work. So, every time you donate or buy something at a Goodwill store, you are helping someone find a job or get job training.

We send our Savvy Shopper to check out the deals at Goodwill for herself. Her assignment: get as much clothing as she can for her kids for just 50 dollars. She really has to put her bargain skills to the test and Goodwill makes it easy. Can she pass this test with flying colors?