DMAZ Goodwill Special

(Cox7 advertiser) Goodwill of Central Arizona is one of the largest non-profit organizations in the country. Their mission is to put people to work. Goodwill operates one of the most successful thrift store operations in the country. In this 30 minute special, you will learn more about Goodwill and how it achieves its mission.

Take a closer look at Goodwill's relationships with some of Arizona's major corporations and why these companies use Goodwill to find employees.

Learn how you can get help finding a job or learn a new skill at one of Goodwill's Career Centers.

Go inside Goodwill's newly renovated thrift stores and how you can save money every time you shop. Plus, see how far 50 dollars will go when the Savvy Shopper has to buy school clothes for kids.

While Goodwill offers great deals on gently used items, what happens when an item doesn't sell? See how Goodwill finds buyers for items from shoes to computers to furniture. Last year, Goodwill kept more than 100 million pounds of materials out of landfills.

Every year, Goodwill hosts Career Fairs and Expos that help people find a job. These fairs are different in that any company that participates has to have a job available.

Goodwill of Central Arizona is so much more than just a place to donate your unwanted items. When you donate to Goodwill, you are a job creator.