Childhood Stress Management (Kohl’s Fit & Phoenix Children’s Hospital)

(Cox7 advertiser) Stress is a part of everyone's life, even children experience stress. Whether it's homework, after school activities, or social media - kids these days are stressed out.
So how do you keep your kids from feeling stressed?

First, talk to your kids and ask them if they are feeling overwhelmed by anything in their lives. Explain it's okay to feel this way.
Encourage them to talk things through and to use words that clearly identify emotions like angry or sad.

Manage the stress. Make sure your kids have unstructured playtime, a full night's sleep, get physical activity during the day and limit screen time.

If you see your child is stressed have them take a few deep breaths.

Or give them a hug. The comfort of physical contact is one of the best stress-relievers available.

It's important to help your family create coping strategies now so stress doesn't have a negative impact later.

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