Chili Can Day

 Chili Waffle – 

Can of chili (no beans) add to pot and heat.

In a bowl add Jiffy Cornbread mix,  one egg 3/4 cup of milk, vegetable oil 2 tablespoons, and mix, next add table spoon of sugar and some bacon pieces, and cheddar cheese.

Heat up waffle maker, add spray

Add batter to waffle maker …

When finished place on plate, add butter, add chili , top with cheddar cheese and dollop of sour cream. 


Chili cheese Omelet_

Omelet – in a bowl scramble two eggs add salt and pepper

Heat up a pan – add eggs, cook…top with chili, cheese, green onions.


Chili hot dog – split up hot dogs and boil, then add to grill or flattop.

Use Hot Dog Hawaiian buns – split top – add butter – face down on flat top

In a pan grill some red onions

Add Chinese mayo to bun, add hot dog, add bacon, top with chili, cheese,


Chili  tot – heat up onion tator tots = top with chili and cheese.

Turkey Chili Enchiladas 

Brown some ground turkey in a pan, then place in bowl. Add chili and cheddar cheese – mix

In a baking dish add layer of whipping cream at the bottom. Add flour tortillas (n a dish add chicken broth add soak flour tortillas in broth) then add turkey chili mixture and roll tortilla, place face down in baking dish.  Top with a cup and a half of Monterey jack and more whipping cream.

Place in oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

 Chili Spaghetti

Boil some water, add spaghetti and stir.

Add Chili and mix in pot




Chili Baked Potatoe

Cut potato and microwave add to dish – top with chili cheese and crunchy onions


Chili Fritos

Frito chili, hot sauce, green onions and chili