Beto’s Corner

Beto’s Corner, in Camp Verde, AZ, has great Mexican food and a great history. The patriarch of the family that owns Beto’s Corner, Albert Ruiz, grew up in the mining town of Sonora, Arizona. The town no longer exists; it was destroyed by the mine that drove its economy. Ruiz now paints heartfelt pictures, of the long lost town, to hang on the walls of his restaurant. His paintings show the Ray Dam, where Sonora residents used to fish, and main street, where they held fiestas. Many of the people who lived in Sonora had fathers and grandfathers who were miners. Almost everyone was involved in mining. Ruiz says life was good as a miner. But Ruiz’s career as a miner ended, when he was injured in a blast.

Forced to find a new career, Ruiz and his wife began selling hot dogs from a cart. They soon found the perfect lot for their business, right in the center of Camp Verde. Their menu expanded from hot dogs to Mexican and Southwest Cuisine. Today Beto’s Corner is a restaurant, that serves enchilada, chimichangas, chile rellenos, burritos and more. Ruiz says Beto’s Corner serves so many things, that sometimes people have a hard time deciding what to order.

Stop by Beto’s Corner at 10 E. Cliff House Dr., in Camp Verde, AZ.