Ballet Folklorico

Mary Ruiz invites you to check out Ballet Folklorico Fuego De Phoenix if you are looking for something free and fun to do.

Mary Ruiz is a dance instructor for Ballet Folklorico Fuego De Phoenix. She is excited about the opportunities the group gives her to instruct her students in the different styles of dance found throughout the regions of Mexico.  From Polka to Mariachi, Ballet Folklorico has it all.  One of the most popular dances with audiences and performers alike is the courtship dance from the Veracruz region of Mexico.  The dancers portray courtship and marriage throughout the dance, delighting the audience when the couple literally ties the knot at the end.

Mary started with dance as a performer, and while she enjoys teaching she still loves performing. She likes to experience the excitement of the audience as they encounter the costumes and performance.

Alex Villalobos, Director of Fuego De Phoenix, shares Mary’s enthusiasm for both teaching and performing.  He started Fuego De Phoenix to teach the younger generation about their culture and to instill pride in their Mexican heritage.  Alex likes to see the young students, who often begin as shy and self-conscious, become confident performers.

Both Alex and Mary describe Fuego De Phoenix as a family and encourage you to see what is happening at

Ballet Folklorico