2478: The Build

I struggle. I collaborate. I create.

The FRC game was on! The challenge to build a robot that could travel through an opposing team of robots, carry, pass, catch and shoot a two foot diameter ball into a goal was daunting. It was a challenge Westwood Robotics Team 2478 was up to.  They would build a prototype.

The design had to be sophisticated, in that it had to be both simple and reliable. Logistics were important. What materials would be used? The robot could not be too heavy to maneuver on the field. The budget had to be maintained and the day to day schedule had to be managed to keep the build on track.

The challenge required dedication.  Students and mentors worked every day after school until early evening, with two late nights, and every Saturday.  Their time was spent in trial and error, building and refining. For some students, they always liked math and science; others discovered the real life applications of the subjects, while some enjoyed the creative process more.  For example, the creative process of deciding on robot names – would it be Mary-Kate and Ashley, or Luke and Leia?

One of the most difficult times, according to a team member, was the “Bag and Tag.”  At midnight on the final night of week six the robots had to be bagged, tagged and not touched until the competition.

Had Westwood Robotics Team met the challenge?  How well would Westwood’s robot play the game?