Salvadoreño Restaurant

Recipes and cooking techniques passed down from generation to generation, make the dishes at Salvadoreño authentic and delicious. Head to north Central Ave. in Phoenix and check out their many Pupusas; stuffed corn tortillas filled with meat, cheese and beans.
Salvadoreño Restaurant #3
8911 N. Central Ave., Phoenix

092614120951Goodwill Halloween

Goodwill Halloween

Great Halloween ideas for creative
costumes for adults and kids

091914090952La Purisima Bakery

La Purisima Bakery

JR and Vanessa visit the La
Purisima Bakery in Glendale

091414010942Verde Valley (full episode)

Verde Valley

Arizona Weekend Explorer, where we visit the Verde Valley


Hispanic Heritage 2

Su Vida celebrates Hispanic
Heritage throughout Arizona

091914090932La Purisima

La Purisima

La Purisima is a longtime bakery
for pastries, cakes & cookies


Fair Trade Cafe

Locally owned cafe committed
to providing organic coffee


Joe’s Real BBQ

Slow-cooked BBQ
over pecan wood

Los Reyes De La Torta

Reyes De La Torta

Hearty Mexican

092514050913Goodwill Costumes

Goodwill Costumes

Our Su Vida cameras visit a
Goodwill store for Halloween

092514050901Halloween Fashion Show

Halloween Fashion Show

Halloween costume expert shows
inexpensive costume ideas

091914090924Fiestas Patrias Food

Fiestas Patrias Food

Great food was a big part of
Fiestas Patrias Celebration

091914090910Fiestas Patrias Review

Fiestas Patrias Review

Music, entertainment,
and plenty of fun

Barrio Cafe

Barrio Café

Barrio’s owner/chef
talks about food & family


Paletas Betty

Handmade fresh
fruit popsicles


Santa Cruz Chili

A visit to the
Tumacacori Co.

092514050934Goodwill Overview

Goodwill Overview

Fun Halloween costumes &
accessories at a bargain

091414010924Verde Canyon Railroad

Verde Canyon Railroad

The Verde Canyon Railroad is
a heritage railroad in Clarkdale

091414010952Jerome State Historic Park

Douglas Mansion

The Douglas Mansion has been an
eye-catching landmark since 1916


G Farms

Owner, Santiago Gonzalez
talks about farming legacy



Dan Oliver shows us the
fine art of silversmithing

091414010916Copper Art Museum

Copper Art Museum

Copper Art Museum
in Clarkdale, Arizona



Arizona Latino Arts and Cultural Center


Latino Theatre

Expressing Latino culture
and art through theater



Musica interview with Silk when
they were in concert in Phoenix

072114080752The Lovelost Band

The Lovelost

The Lovelost
Bilingual indie band

072114080729Third Eye Productions

Third Eye Productions

Third Eye Production Studios
in Glendale, Arizona

072114080709Angie Gomez

Angie Gomez, Mega 104.3

Angie Gomez from
Mega 104.3 FM

090814080915Be A Leader

Be A Leader Foundation

Be A Leader Foundation helped
Maria Hernandez attend ASU

090814080942Boys & Girls Club

Boys & Girls Club

The Boys & Girls Club of Metro Phoenix SMART Girls Robotics Club

090514040900CPLC 1280x720

Chicanos Por La Causa

CPLC provides needed services
throughout Arizona communities

090514040916ESPERANZA LOGO for website 1280x720

Esperanza Teacher Awards

16th Annual Esperanza Latino Teacher Awards are around the corner

28Su Vida EPS 64 - Zumba In studio

Zumba in Studio

JR and Vanessa learn how to Zumba in the studio

511Su Vida EPS 64 - Market On The Move

Market on the Move

Fresh fruits and vegetables on a budget — see how far $10 can go

35Su Vida EPS 64 - Garfield Child Workout

Kids CrossFit

Core Cross Fit for kids at Garfield School District