Chi Chi’s Tacos Review

Always on the go, Chi Chi's Taco offers some unique tacos with great flavor. Search for Chi Chi's Tacos on Facebook to find out where they will be next.


AZ Animal Welfare League

Arizona Animal Welfare League
Arizona’s oldest no-kill shelter

091414010942Verde Valley (full episode)

Verde Valley

Arizona Weekend Explorer,
where we visit the Verde Valley

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Hidden Gems 2

Uncover some of Arizona’s
finest eateries


Arizona Diamondbacks

Visit Chase Field with Vanessa
and JR to see what’s new

Arizona Stronghold Wines

Arizona Stronghold Wines

It’s the company some say put
Arizona on the wine map

Mile High Grill

Mile High Grill & Inn

The Mile High Grill and
Inn in Jerome, Arizona

Four Eight Wineworks

Four Eight Wineworks

Four Eight Wineworks, the
AZ Winemakers Cooperative

Abbie's Kitchen

Abbie’s Kitchen

Abbie’s Kitchen serves high-end
comfort foods in a 1920’s home

100314051049UFC Fighters

Local UFC Fighter

John Moraga talks about what Hispanic Heritage month means


Lucha Libre

Luchador Pakal demos
Lucha Libre moves

091914090910Fiestas Patrias Review

Fiestas Patrias Review

Music, entertainment,
and plenty of fun

091914090924Fiestas Patrias Food

Fiestas Patrias Food

Great food was a big part of
Fiestas Patrias Celebration

Barrio Cafe

Barrio Café

Barrio’s owner/chef
talks about food & family


Paletas Betty

Handmade fresh
fruit popsicles


Santa Cruz Chili

A visit to the
Tumacacori Co.


D-backs Event Calendar

Arizona Diamondbacks
Special Events Minute

091414010924Verde Canyon Railroad

Verde Canyon Railroad

The Verde Canyon Railroad is
a heritage railroad in Clarkdale

091414010952Jerome State Historic Park

Douglas Mansion

The Douglas Mansion has been an
eye-catching landmark since 1916


Diamondbacks Family Fun

Something for everyone
at Chase Field

091414010916Copper Art Museum

Copper Art Museum

Copper Art Museum
in Clarkdale, Arizona

022615020217Folklorico 2

Ballet Folklorico

Mary and Alex talk about the joy
they get from Ballet Folklorico

021915090235Free Arts of Arizona

Art from the Heart

Free Arts of Arizona is a therapeutic arts programs for kids

021915090243Glass Artist

Glass Art

Artist John Ryszka
(Glass Phoenix)

Roger Clyne

Roger Clyne

Clyne is influenced by the culture
and stories of the southwest


Angie Gomez

Angie shares her personal story
and how she got into radio

021915120212Hip Hop Festival

Hip Hop Festival

1st Annual Hip Hop
Festival in Phoenix

030615040355Tucson International Mariachi Conference

Mariachi Festival Overview

Mariachi music, culture,
workshops y mas!

100314051035Hispanic Womens Conference

Hispanic Women’s Conference

29th Annual Hispanic
Women’s Conference (2014)

100314051053AAWL Overview

AAWL Overview

Overview of the Arizona Animal
Welfare League and SPCA


Diamondbacks Community

On track to give $50 million
back to the local community


Phoenix Fire Academy

Does JR have what it takes to
become a Phoenix firefighter?

28Su Vida EPS 64 - Zumba In studio

Zumba in Studio

JR and Vanessa learn how to Zumba in the studio

511Su Vida EPS 64 - Market On The Move

Market on the Move

Fresh fruits and vegetables on a budget — see how far $10 can go

35Su Vida EPS 64 - Garfield Child Workout

Kids CrossFit

Core Cross Fit for kids at Garfield School District