Folklorico Queztalli

Vanessa Ramirez, Director of Ballet Folklorico Queztalli, tells us how she got started and the importance of keeping the tradition of Folklorico alive.


Hidden Gems 1

Hidden Gems shows the latest and greatest around the valley



Botanical Gardens
(Su Vida – S05E04)

091914090952La Purisima Bakery

La Purisima Bakery

JR and Vanessa visit the La
Purisima Bakery in Glendale

071814050706Music & Comedy

Local Music & Comedy

Local Bands and Comedians


Fry Bread House

Delicious Native American Cuisine


Taco Guild

Great food with great style



Enchilada and soup perfection


Burrito House

The best of the best

011615010118Visit Nevada JPG

Visit Nevada

Win a Trip to Nevada!
Ultimate Après Giveaway


Lucha Libre

Luchador Pakal demos
Lucha Libre moves

091914090924Fiestas Patrias Food

Fiestas Patrias Food

Great food was a big part of
Fiestas Patrias Celebration

091914090910Fiestas Patrias Review

Fiestas Patrias Review

Music, entertainment,
and plenty of fun

Barrio Cafe

Barrio Café

Barrio’s owner/chef
talks about food & family


Paletas Betty

Handmade fresh
fruit popsicles


Santa Cruz Chili

A visit to the
Tumacacori Co.

Kids Health Link_1280x720

Kids Health Link

Arizona Get Covered Connector
helps you with insurance coverage

091414010924Verde Canyon Railroad

Verde Canyon Railroad

The Verde Canyon Railroad is
a heritage railroad in Clarkdale

091414010952Jerome State Historic Park

Douglas Mansion

The Douglas Mansion has been an
eye-catching landmark since 1916

092514050934Goodwill Overview

Goodwill Overview

Fun Halloween costumes &
accessories at a bargain


Gennaro Garcia – CALA

AZ artist talks about
his art and CALA

100314051015Carmen Pelaez

Carmen Pelaez

Writer, actress & director Carmen
Peláez from HBO Latino

091414010916Copper Art Museum

Copper Art Museum

Copper Art Museum
in Clarkdale, Arizona

101014061043CALA Overview

CALA Overview

CALA Festival exclusive
interview and sneak peak



Musica interview with Silk when
they were in concert in Phoenix

072114080752The Lovelost Band

The Lovelost

The Lovelost
Bilingual indie band



Fayuca, a Phoenix-based
Latin-Reggae-Rock band

072114080730Chaz Salazar

Chaz Salazar – Flutist

Chaz Salazar


Butterfly Pavilion

Cox Butterfly and Orchid
Pavilion in Tucson


Coach De La Torre

Dobson HS Football
Coach inspires players


Hispanic Women’s Conf

Phoenix Mercury, Diana
Taurasi, honored at HWC

100314051053AAWL Overview

AAWL Overview

Overview of the Arizona Animal
Welfare League and SPCA

28Su Vida EPS 64 - Zumba In studio

Zumba in Studio

JR and Vanessa learn how to Zumba in the studio

511Su Vida EPS 64 - Market On The Move

Market on the Move

Fresh fruits and vegetables on a budget — see how far $10 can go

35Su Vida EPS 64 - Garfield Child Workout

Kids CrossFit

Core Cross Fit for kids at Garfield School District