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Halloween. Goodwill Halloween fashions for adults and kids, great ideas for creative costumes on a budget. Silversmith Dan Oliver, Michael Salgado, Los Rams de la Sierra, music performers at Fiesta Patrias

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Hispanic Heritage 2

Su Vida celebrates Hispanic
Heritage throughout Arizona

101014061048Celebrating CALA

Celebrating CALA

This week on Su Vida it’s
all about the CALA Festival


AZ Animal Welfare League

Arizona Animal Welfare League
Arizona’s oldest no-kill shelter

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101014061043CALA Overview

CALA Overview

CALA Festival exclusive
interview and sneak peak

100314051053AAWL Overview

AAWL Overview

Overview of the Arizona Animal
Welfare League and SPCA

101014061048Celebrating CALA

Celebrating CALA

This week on Su Vida it’s
all about the CALA Festival


090514040900CPLC 1280x720

Chicanos Por La Causa

CPLC provides needed services
throughout Arizona communities

100714121016Walk JPG file

Walk for Animals

Sat, Nov. 8th (8:30am – 12:30pm)
Tempe Town Lake


CPLC Inspiration

Learn different ways your child can get scholarships

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090814080942Boys & Girls Club

Boys & Girls Club

The Boys & Girls Club of Metro Phoenix SMART Girls Robotics Club



Musica interview with Silk when
they were in concert in Phoenix

090814080915Be A Leader

Be A Leader Foundation

Be A Leader Foundation helped
Maria Hernandez attend ASU



Arizona Latino Arts
and Cultural Center


Latino Theatre

Expressing Latino culture
and art through theater

090514050955Fiestas Patrias

Fiestas Patrias 2014

Parientito on Campesina 88.3 FM,
Manic Hispanic on Mega 104.3 FM

101014061023Esperanca Overview

Esperanza Overview

This year’s honorees for the CPLC
16th Annual Esperanza Awards

101014061059Fresh Start

Fresh Start

Fresh Start Women’s Foundation
talks about their facility