Swale Installation

Arizona Landscape Architect Pete Curé does a swale installation using different types and sizes of rocks, in a backyard desert landscape.

Swales, or dry creek beds, make this metro Phoenix backyard appear more natural. Curé talks about installing granite as a base material and then using larger river rocks to create the swale. This is an easy, although strenuous project, for creating interest in an urban landscape. Swale can also be installed to direct rain runoff to different areas a a property.

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Do It Yourself

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Proper Pruning

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Butterfly Magic

History of the Tucson Botanical Gardens and Butterfly Magic

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Pools & Ponds

Magnificent pools and water features throughout Sedona (Part 2)


Water Features

Magnificent pools and water features throughout Sedona (Part 3)

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Fountains & Pools

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Backyard Pond

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Modern Architecture

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Southwestern Style

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Mediterranean Home

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Grand Materials Supply

Shopping for irrigation, granite, and lighting at Grand Materials

09GM rip rap tip

Boulders and Rip Rap

Make your landscape stand out by using boulders and rip rap

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Pavers and More

Different pavers to choose for your next home project

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Decorative Rock

Choose decorative rocks to make your home perfect