Flagstone Patio

A flagstone patio gives an outdoor space a naturally finished look. In this video, Arizona Landscape Architect Pete Curé talks about techniques he used when installing flagstone as the primary flooring material in a large backyard remodel.

In this project, the flagstone patio extends from the house to include the decking around the pool. Flagstone is also used on a separate smaller patio, as well as some of the yard's walkways and steps. Complementary color variations in the flagstone are used to add interest.

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Adobe Home – Part 2

Historic home remodel project
(Step Outside – S02E02)


Adobe Home – Part 1

Historic home remodel project
(Step Outside – S02E01)

01SO 37 Lawn to Desert pt 3_jl

Lawn to Garden – Pt3

Lawn to Desert Botanical Garden
(Step Outside – S01E37)

01SO 35 Lawn to desert pt 1_jl

Lawn to Garden – Pt1

Lawn to Desert Botanical Garden
(Step Outside – S01E35)


Courtyard Gate

Watch how Pete takes an ordinary door and gives it new life


Southwest Remodeling

Shopping at Urban Southwest for ideal gate in adobe home remodel

09SOS EP1 seg1

Adobe Home

Go inside a legendary and historic adobe home

09SOS EP3. seg1

Grand Materials Supply

Shopping for irrigation, granite, and lighting at Grand Materials


Yard Makeover

Review some of the finished projects around historic home project

021615020212Tower Garden Tip  PKG ALT

Tower Garden

Tower Garden uses a unique
vertical garden system

09SOS EP1.seg2

Property Clean Up

Create a botanical garden
and visit Hermosa Inn

09SOS EP1.seg4

Cactus Symphony

Create a symphony to make a front yard look great


Fountain Install

Installation of a custom made fountain at the adobe historic home


Irrigation Install

Pete shows you how to properly install an irrigation system

10water lily

Pools & Ponds

Magnificent pools and water features throughout Sedona (Part 2)


Pools & Cocktails

See transformation by the pool and learn great mixology recipes

110414031106exterior with pool 54

Solar and Landscaping

Going green with
landscaping and solar

110414031149Entry 54

Green Home Products

Eco-friendly home
decor and design

110414041105Kitchen 54

Eco-Friendly Kitchen

kitchen design

110414041107Living Room 54

Green Interior Design


030115100316GE poster

Gardener’s Eden

Gardener’s Eden featured at
The Home & Garden Show

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Horticultural Frontiers

Horticultural Frontiers featured at
The Maricopa County Home Show

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Castcade Arizona

Castcade Arizona is featured at
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Moon Valley

Moon Valley Nurseries is featured
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09SOS EP3. seg1

Grand Materials Supply

Shopping for irrigation, granite, and lighting at Grand Materials

09GM rip rap tip

Boulders and Rip Rap

Make your landscape stand out by using boulders and rip rap

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Pavers and More

Different pavers to choose for your next home project

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Decorative Rock

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