Geoff-on-Cycle_TNGeoff Notkin

Science writer, photographer and world traveler, Geoff Notkin has joined the Cox 7 Arizona family, as the host of the STEM Journals. Most recently, Geoff co-hosted the widely popular show, Meteorite Men on the Science Channel. He has also appeared in shows for Discovery, NASA EDGE, TLC, PBS, A&E, National Geographic Channel, History Channel, Travel Channel, and the BBC.

No stranger to adventure, Geoff fits right in to the role of a STEM Road Warrior. He has traveled to forty-five countries, including some of the planet’s most remote areas. His quest for knowledge has taken him to northern Siberia, Chile’s Atacama Desert, the Australian Outback and the Arctic Circle.

Meteorites have held a lifelong fascination for Geoff; by the age of seven he was already an avid rock hound and fossil collector. His father was an amateur astronomer and shared a love of stargazing. “I was stunned that you could actually see other worlds from a suburban London garden,” Geoff states: “The epiphany came when I visited London’s Geological Museum as a child. In the Hall of Meteorites I realized that studying meteorites would be the perfect combination of geology and astronomy. I have been hooked ever since.”

In addition to his association with Cox 7 Arizona and the STEM Journals, Geoff has worked with many of the world’s major institutions, including The American Museum of Natural History, New York; The Natural History Museum, London; and The Center for Meteorite Studies at ASU, Tempe.

Look for Geoff and the STEM Journals crew across Arizona, as they search for exciting things in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math to share with their audience.

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