1. LaunchPoint – Full Episodes

041314060418Noel Velez

Shifting Gears

Your past doesn’t equal
your future (S01E11)

042514100457Big Attitude

Big Attitude

Jumping off the corporate ladder


Jazzy Artisan

Merging music and manufacturing

2. LaunchPoint – Teasers

042514110422Wake Rider

Wake Rider Teaser

Wakeboards and dirtbikes
(S01E12 Teaser)

050114050556Shifting Gears

Shifting Gears Teaser

Sirens in the rearview
(S01E11 Teaser)

042514100457Big Attitude

Big Attitude Teaser

Ditching the corporate suits
(S01E10 Teaser)

3. LaunchPoint – Partners


AZ Commerce Authority

More than 4,500 manufacturing businesses thrive in Arizona

051614020542Mesa Public Schools.mov

Mesa Public Schools

See how Mesa Public Schools teach students 21st century skills

052314090541EVC_673x380 jpeg

EV Career & Technical Edu

Learn more about East Valley Career & Technical Education