Adrenaline Junkie Teaser

Fearless and ambitious, Martin Edge is a daredevil, a husband, an inventor and a father. He freefalls from 12,000ft, has broken more bones than he can remember.... and is always looking to push the limits. (Teaser)

041314070400Christian Hansen

Wake Rider

Wakeboarding, a terrifying 178mph
crash, and machines (S01E12)

042414030412Adrenaline Junkie

Adrenaline Junkie Teaser

A daredevil hooked on pushing the limits (S01E01 Teaser)

042414030451Jacob Tucker

U-Turn Teaser

From the streets to the ceilings (S01E02 Teaser)

042414030441Timid Tigress

Timid Tigress Teaser

Breaking the status quo
(S01E03 LaunchPoint Teaser)

042414030404Speed Master Pt 1

Speed Master Teaser – Pt1

Zero to 260miles per hour… in 5.6 seconds?! (S01E04 Teaser)

052314090513Haas_673x380 jpeg

Haas Automation

Learn about the largest machine tool builder in the western world