Adrenaline Junkie

As a daredevil, husband, inventor and father, Martin Edge does everything from playing with his kids to jumping out of planes. After winning a Green Card Lottery, Martin and his family moved from South Africa to the USA, where his sense of adventure was reignited. As a student in the machining program at Gateway Community College, Martin was a challenge to his instructors as he eagerly wanted to jump on the $200,000 machines, and they struggled to rein him in and teach him the basics. By the time he launched his career at Nichols Precision as a Production Manager, Martin was itching to get his hands on the latest and greatest technology. “His frustration lies in the fact that he is going 100mph, while the rest of the world is at 50,” laughed his employer, Dante Fierros. (S01E01)


Adrenaline Junkie

Free falling, frustrations, and
firing up the EDM (S01E01)



Abandoning addictions, Jake looked to engineering (S01E02)


Timid Tigress

Where rubber meets the road, Nicole shines best (S01E03)


Speed Master Pt-1

A speed junkie in a 3500 horsepower beast (S01E04)

042414030412Adrenaline Junkie

Adrenaline Junkie Teaser

A daredevil hooked on pushing the limits (S01E01 Teaser)

042414030451Jacob Tucker

U-Turn Teaser

From the streets to the ceilings (S01E02 Teaser)

042414030441Timid Tigress

Timid Tigress Teaser

Breaking the status quo
(S01E03 LaunchPoint Teaser)

042414030404Speed Master Pt 1

Speed Master Teaser – Pt1

Zero to 260miles per hour… in 5.6 seconds?! (S01E04 Teaser)


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