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Keep your kids safe when using the TV, phone and Internet.


Take Charge! of the Internet

TakeCharge, a site that educates parents and guardians about the importance of Internet safety. Visit and you will see the extent to which youngsters (at every age!) are indulging in activities like exchanging emails, instant messages, personal photographs and videos, and creating revealing personal profiles. Some of the news you’ll find is encouraging: most children do hear their parents’ pleas to be cautious when providing personal information, and most of young people’s online activity revolves around interactive games, school research, email, and surfing for information about their hobbies and interests. For added safety, please use the information provided at www.cox.com/takecharge and protect your family by taking charge of your Internet.  

Take Charge! of the Television

From the Discovery Channel to Noggin, your kids can learn so much from quality educational programming. They just need a little guidance to find programming that is appropriate for them. Talk to your children about the kinds of TV shows you want them to watch and why there are others that should be avoided. In addition, withParental Controls, you can block specific ratings andchannels for peace of mind when you’re not around to see what your kids are watching.   To set up Parental Controls, follow these simple steps: 1. Press the Settings button on your remote control twice, and the General Settings menu will appear. 2. Use the Up and Down arrow keys on your remote to highlight one of the following options: Block: Channels, Ratings or Timer. 3. When you have chosen the area that you want to control, press OK/Select. When you have set a block,you will be asked to enter a four-digit number to be used as your Parental Control ID or Personal Identifi cation Number PIN). 4. Highlight the channel you want to block and press Select. Blocked channels are displayed on the right side of screen.  

Take Charge! of the Phone

With so many headlines about kids being exposed to indecent content on TV and the Internet, we sometimes take telephone safety for granted. But kids need to be educated about responsible phone usage as well. Here are a few tips to ensure responsible phone usage for your family. 1. Don’t talk to strangers. It seems like an obvious tip, but sometimes it gets overlooked. Remind your kids not to talk to people they don’t know and to never release personal information or reveal that they are home alone. 2. Educate about 900 numbers and Text Services. Many children don’t understand the nature of 900 numbers and Texting Services when they see commercials on TV. Sending a text for the “Joke of the Day”could enroll your child into a monthly subscription service that they (and you) don’t know about. 3. Set up Call Blocking. Consider having your phone service provider block 900 number calls from your phone. Cox Digital Telephone offers the 900 blocking service for all customers, upon request. For more information on these and other great safety tips, visit www.cox.com/takecharge.

Cox – Take Charge! Launches

Cox has launched Woogi Cyber Hero in Arizona, to provide cyber literacy training to the state’s 335,000 2nd thru 5th grade school children.Woogi’s Cyber Hero training is the #1 training resource in America. Led by Cox, Arizona’s business community is taking responsibility for the cyber safety and literacy of its children. Companies from all around Arizona are joining together to help parents and teachers provide some of the valuable training that will make such an important difference to children under 12 who will spend increasing time on the internet. We want them healthy, strong and able to thrive in such an exciting virtual community.Thru Woogi’s Cyber Hero training, children will learn how to communicate with parents, teachers and each otherabout subjects including bullying, proper use of chat,use of personal information and generally, how to behave online. CyberHero, has taken the lead by providing a FREE resource for parents and children nationwide.

Learn More at CyberHero America


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Meet Jinx the Tragedy, a talented, young alternative rock band from Gilbert, Arizona that’s creating a lot of buzz. Band members Austin, Sam, Treven and Noah are teaming up with Cox Communications and Woogi World to help kids and parents take charge of their online safety. Get to know them here and watch the premier of their music video, “Take Charge”.

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