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GCU vs Chicago State

March 1, 2014
Men’s Basketball


GCU vs UMKansasCity

February 27, 2014
Men’s Basketball


GCU vs Hofstra

February 21, 2014
College Baseball

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27GCU Commerical

GCU Commercial

Grand Canyon University
Find Your Purpose


GCU vs UC San Diego

November 1, 2013
Men’s Basketball Game

10Theology Dean Message


Learn more about Grand Canyon University’s College of Theology from Dr. Jason Jiles, Dean of the college. As a Christian university, GCU encourages students to find their purpose in Christ, with an emphasis on applying Christian values and ethics to their studies and to the workplace.




Dan Majerle Show (GCU)
Tune in Wed @ 7:30pm

10Welcome to GCU

Welcome to GCU

Grand Canyon University is
AZ’s private Christian University

27GCU Commerical

GCU Commercial

Grand Canyon University
Find Your Purpose

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Phoenix Partnership

GCU Partners with the City of Phoenix to Fund Community Programs


The Learning Lounge

GCU students provide free tutoring to Alhambra High students

15GCU Today-Eastmark

East Valley Campus

Learn more about GCU’s campus expansion to the East Valley in 2015

23Serve the City

Serve the City

Learn about Grand Canyon University’s “Serve the City” program

23Serve the City

Serve the City

In this version of GCU Today, find out about Grand Canyon University’s community outreach program “Serve the City”. See how students are learning to be good neighbors.


Tuition News

Grand Canyon University announces a tuition freeze (Watch GCU Today)

11True North Intro

About True North

Learn more about GCU’s “True
North” daily video devotionals

33GCU Parents

Proud GCU Parents

Proud to be Grand Canyon University parents