DVD Ordering

To order a DVD of a locally produced Cox7 program or sporting event navigate to the video you’d like to purchase. Then click to open up the video in the video player. Below the video description you will find a BUY DVD button. Click on “BUY DVD”.

You will be directed to a confirmation page confirming your quantity and show selection. From there you will be directed to PayPal to pay for your order. DVDs will ship within 5 business days and cost $25 each. Shipping is free with the U.S.

Please note: Cox7 does not own the rights to sell DVDs of AIA Championship or Playoff Games.

Sports Only: If you have any questions about DVDs of sporting events, please email: rich.reid@coxmedia.com

All Other DVD questions, please email: leslie.woodruff@coxmedia.com

Please note: Sporting events and shows are available online, mobile, and Cox On DEMAND (Ch. 1888), typically 2-3 days after original airing.