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Angie Gomez MEGA 104.3 FM

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Angie Gomez was raised in the unique mining town of Superior, Arizona. She is a 1996 graduate of Ray High School in nearby Kearny, Arizona. Angie grew up listening to and was influenced by the sounds of Whitney Houston, Carlos Santana, Gloria Estefan, Mariah Carey, and Madonna. Angie now lives in Mesa, Arizona and makes her livelihood by entertaining people as the Midday Diva (9am – 2pm) on Phoenix’s original “Old School” radio station MEGA 104.3 FM, and as the lead vocalist for the very popular music group Power Drive.


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Known for their fierce live performances and relentless touring, Phoenix-based Latin-Reggae-Rock band, Fayuca blends their cultural roots and mother tongue with the ethos of Reggae and the passion of Progressive Punk. The end result is an intimate explosion of heady, sultry stoner rock with a Cumbia-Reggae twist.

Fronted by lead vocalist/guitarist, Gabo and drummer, Rafael, Fayuca has released 4 studio albums since their launch in 2005 and continues to write and record new music regularly. In May of 2013, Fayuca released their Fervor Records debut, Barrio Sideshow, made with platinum producer, Ralph Patlan (Megadeth, Jaime Foxx). Not only was their album called one of the ‘Most Anticipated Releases of by ThePier.Org, but Fayuca also won the High Times Magazine Doobie award for Best New/Underground Artist in Austin at SXSW.

Since the launch of Barrio Sideshow, Fervor Records has released three music videos, one of which is currently airing on MTVU. The all-Spanish video “Por Que Seguir”, Fayuca’s anthem to the oppressed, highlights their eclectic influences and bilingual, multi-cultural palette. For more information, please visit

Local Comedians

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Rob Maebe and Derek McFarland are stand up comedians with completely opposite styles. Rob Maybe is 30 years old and has won various comedy competitions. Derek McFarland is 26 years old and is newer to the comedy world, but has great routines and is making a name for himself. Both Rob and Derek perform at various clubs every week in the Phoenix area.

Rob Maebe Facebook

Derek McFarland Facebook

Third Eye Productions

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Third Eye Production Studios is located in a quiet Arizona suburb. This flourishing 1500 square foot private recording facility features both analog & digital format recording.  With 30 years experience in the music industry, services include Commercial Production, Music Production, Audio for Video, Sound Design, Scoring to Video, Recording Voice-Overs, Digital Audio Editing, Multi-Track Music Recording, Sweetening Audio, Composing and providing solutions to almost any audio challenge.

San Diego Bay

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This authentic mexican seafood restaurant is located in the heart of Tempe’s Guadalupe district. Specializing in serving “Al Molcajete”, which is a dish served in a bowl made of volcanic rock, San Diego Bay has every kind of “comida del mar” that you’d find south of the border.

MartAnnes Burrito Place

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Located in Flagstaff, MartAnnes Burrito Place serves breakfast and lunch. This hidden gem specializes in the following two things: 1) delicious chilaquiles, and 2) serving LOTS of food on your plate. With a staff that knows its customers and is happy to meet new ones, MartAnnes is a can’t-miss if you’re in Flagstaff, AZ.

Hidden Gems

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Arizona is rich with Hispanic culture, and as we all know, Hispanic culture is rich with food! In this episode of Su Vida, we’ll discover some of the finest authentic Mexican food in the state, as well as some of the best places to enjoy it.

Phoenix Rock Gym

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Phoenix Rock Gym is Arizona’s largest indoor climbing gym. It welcomes newbies and professional-level climbers, and provides equipment and training for anyone who wants to learn the sport, as well as top-flight climbs for more experienced climbers.

Local Music & Comedy

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JR and Vanessa visit Glendale recording studio Third Eye Productions with performances from bands The Lovelost and Fayuca.  Mega 104.3 Midday Diva Angie Gomez stops by and discusses her band Power Drive.  Rob Maebe and Derek Mcfarland are Phoenix based stand up comedians with complete and  opposite styles.  Flutist Chaz Salazar is a success story from Rosie’s House, the downtown Phoenix-based non-profit providing lessons and instruments for young musicians.

Beto’s Corner

Posted on: July 7th, 2014 by xmlrpc

Beto’s Corner has great food and great history. The patriarch of the family, Albert Ruiz, who owns Betos Corner Mexican Food Restaurant in Camp Verde, AZ grew up in a mining town in Sonora, Arizona. The town, however, is no longer there, destroyed by the mine that drove its economy. Now he paints images of the town, so he can show his children where he lived when he was young, as he can’t take them to see the places where he ran and played as a child; all while serving delicious, authentic Mexican food.

El Charro Café

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El Charro Café has been owned and operated by a single family since 1922, making it the oldest Mexican restaurant of its kind in the country. The history of the establishment is fascinating. It started in Paris, where the founder’s father was a stonemason before being commissioned to build much of what still stands as Tucson’s Historic Dictrict including St. Augustine Cathedral. Discover what has kept this national icon in business for nearly a century.

El Zócalo

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El Zócalo is a famous central plaza in Mexico City, known for community events, political gatherings, celebrations and more. Chandler’s own little slice of Mexico City features an experience as much about the ambience and the history as it is about the fantastic food. Discover the hidden gem, complete with live entertainment, a beautiful outdoor patio and more.