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Healthy Plants

Posted on: April 9th, 2015 by xmlrpc

Pete Cure shows you how plant location, soil prep and the proper nutrients can give you year-round healthy plants. Plus, a quick way to tackle weeds.

Edible Landscapes

Posted on: April 6th, 2015 by xmlrpc

Pete Curé vists the Farm at Agritopia in Gilbert, AZ. He speaks with Erich Schultz (Head Farmer) to learn about their organic farm process. See the types of crops they grow and learn about the different places the crops end up. Check out this neat community — 15 acres of farmland in the center of Gilbert that some say is even better than organic.

Pete also heads over to Arizona State University to see how they are harvesting crops on their campus. They have 750 acres to use for an urban garden. Deborah Thirkhill (Volunteer Program Coordinator) talks about the origins of the program. Ryan Garcia (Chef, Engrained Cafe) talks about how the crops are used on campus. Check out this edible landscape in Tempe, AZ — take a trip to ASU to see green thumbs in action.

Agritopia Honey

Posted on: April 6th, 2015 by xmlrpc

Pete Curé shares with you a sweet treat offered at the Farm at Agritopia. They harvest their own raw natural honey and offer it at their Farmer’s Market in Gilbert. To get more info, please visit

Composting Tips

Posted on: April 6th, 2015 by xmlrpc

Ever wanted to know how to compost properly? Pete Curé talks with Erich Schultz (Head Farmer) about the composting process and operation at the Farm at Agritopia in Gilbert, AZ. Composting adds great nutrients to the soil.

Pete also learns how a couple of ASU students are using a morning pick me up to help plants flourish and grow — a great use for that morning cup of joe. Vincente Solis and Rigoberto Polanco talk about the origins and the purpose of the ‘Grounds for Grounds’ program at Arizona State University.

Pete also talks with Rebecca Kidwell from Farmyard about what people should be doing to get ready for their Fall plantings. Learn about these earth-friendly business practices that help the environment.

Grow Organic

Posted on: April 6th, 2015 by xmlrpc

Pete Curé learns about the history of the Farm at Agritopia in Gilbert, AZ. Hear from Erich Schultz (Head Farmer) about what makes this community so special and what it’s like to have a farm in the middle of the city.

Plus, starting your own garden has never been easier with the help of Farmyard. Pete talks with Rebecca Kidwell to learn about the concept behind this organic ‘garden installation’ company – they provide custom gardens based on their clients’ needs and provide garden consultation. Step outside and grow your own garden today!

Yard Transformation

Posted on: March 9th, 2015 by xmlrpc

See the elegant changes to the courtyard as the sun is setting. Pete Cure decides to preserve the historic value of the 1926 fountain in the courtyard and uses it as colorful planter. In order to get the sound of water, he adds a small fountain nearby from DeSantana Stone, which brings great ambiance to the area. Pete addresses the homeowners security concern with access to the pool from the main house by adding a pool gate. It adds style to the house and blends in perfectly with the old adobe walls around the courtyard. The doors from Urban Southwest flawlessly fit the character of the house as well as the historic era.

Treasure Revealed

Posted on: March 9th, 2015 by xmlrpc

Pete Cure finishes a two month project and the homeowner, Fred Unger, invites his friends to enjoy and celebrate the makeover. The homeowner reveals his thoughts on the overall transformation. Pete does a wonderful job of matching the new door with the 90yr old entrance gate to the house. Hear the homeowner’s reaction as Pete transforms an acre of raw desert that’s never been used previously into a beautiful botanical-like garden hideaway. Pete does a great job of showcasing the art and sculptures throughout the yard with lighting at night, which makes it very special. The homeowner shares that its become like an outdoor living room.

Did You Know: Art is a huge part of the homeowner’s life as it was of Lon Megargee, who originally built this adobe home in the 1920s so he could paint his works of art overlooking Camelback Mountain. If you are a big fan of Arizona history, you’re probably already familiar with Lon, the famous cowboy artist who built the Hermosa Inn in Paradise Valley. Sharon Figarelli (Figarelli Fine Art) points out that artwork can enhance and showcase the natural beauty of a desert garden. Sculptures magnify and blend in perfectly to the surrounding environment.

Linda Barkman (Editor, Phoenix Home & Garden) was excited to see the new makeover at the historic house – especially since they featured the home on their July 2013 cover, which readers responded to well. It’s a great property with a lot of history. She says the house is magical by night. People like to see old Arizona persevered. The homeowners get lots of kudos and credit for doing a great job in keeping this historic treasure alive.

Overall, the process was very exciting for the homeowner. Creativity flows, plans evolve, and never thought of dreams come to fruition. Pete did a great job adding to the elegance of the historic house and making it truly special for homeowner.

Colorful Yard

Posted on: March 2nd, 2015 by xmlrpc

Pete Cure shows you how to add color to your yard in an easy and inexpensive way.  Add annual color like petunias, perennial color like lavender, and permanent plants like hibiscus throughout the yard. You can also add layering effects in different sized pots by using tall plants like yellow coreopsis in the back along with short plants like red periwinkles in the front. The red and yellow colors add a nice contrast to the area as well. In order to water your plants daily, Pete shows you how to set up a separate irrigation system for your pots.

Tip: You don’t want to give the same amount of water to your pot plants as you do to your ground plants. Pete recommends having a separate drip irrigation system installed for your pots — on its own line; setup on a separate controller. Plants in pots need about 3-4min of water daily; plants in the ground need way more – especially in the summertime. Having two different irrigation systems will help control the waterflow.

Pete continues to work on the botanical-like garden for the homeowners. He creates new pathways leading to a seating area and wildlife water feature. He meets up with Derrick Boscarino from Grand Materials & Supply as he lays down 25tons of ¼ minus madison gold. This granite gives the pathway and yard a natural Arizona native look.


grand materialsGrand Materials & Supply, Inc. is a wholesale distributor of landscaping products and construction materials.  It sells a wide range of products such as irrigation parts, outdoor lighting, pavers, masonry supplies, cement products, flagstone, travertine, boulders, decorative rock, soil, mulch and all aggregates for outdoors projects, small or large, residential or commercial such as parking lots, roads, pipe lines flood control etc.

The company’s main office, showroom and materials yard is located in Surprise, Arizona, with satellite showrooms and materials yards in Scottsdale, Mesa and Chandler, ArizonaGrand Materials and Supply, Inc. operates a large fleet of dump trucks and flatbed trucks which are used to deliver customer orders to job sites.

Yard Makeover

Posted on: February 23rd, 2015 by xmlrpc

Pete Cure reviews some of the finished projects around the historic home remodel. See the final product of the wall and gate install, which completes the courtyard and sticks to the original character of the 1920s home. Since the Arizona Historical Society recommends keeping the original 1926 fountain intact, Pete adds a new smaller custom fountain from DeSantana Stone to add trickling sound of water in the courtyard.

Pete lays out a great design plan that maximizes all of the homeowner’s landscape around the property. He first cleaned up the site and cut back all of the overgrown plants. The newly cleared area gave Pete a fresh canvas to start his landscaping project. Creating a mini-stack wall gave the front entrance a much more defined and elegant look; and a variety of eye-catching plants from Cox Cactus Farm spruced up the front entrance.

Property Clean Up

Posted on: February 15th, 2015 by xmlrpc

The historic Paradise Valley home undergoes major transformation. Pete Curé cleans up property and gives you some pruning tips for your native plants such as palo verde, creosotes, and choyas. While Pete continues to work on site, we take a tour of the beautiful grounds at Hermosa Inn.

Did You Know: Lon’s Restaurant at the Hermosa Inn was the original home of Lon Megargee, who was perhaps Arizona’s first cowboy artist. Over the years it’s become a guest ranch and now it’s the Hermosa Inn where the owner, Fred Unger, hopes to welcome guests all over the world just like Lon used to do.

Hermosa Inn is hidden gem located in Paradise Valley on a very peaceful and quiet 6.5 acres. It’s comprised of 35 single-story casitas with fireplaces, gorgeous baths, and a look and feel of the early 1930s. It’s very small, private, and intimate – ideal for a wedding party or business affiliation. You can host a personal dinner party or a boardroom meeting — practically take over the whole property and make it your own.

Did You Know: Hermosa Inn recently added a spectacular underground wine cellar, boardroom, and library that many people feel was done by Lon Megargee himself in 1930s. Hurry to get your reservation today!

Hermosa Inn has excellent customer service that tailors to your individual needs. With a four-diamond restaurant that is well known for its excellent and artful American cuisine, you are sure to satisfy your appetite at Lon’s Restaurant. With a 1/2 acre organic garden that rotates seasonally, the menu at Lon’s changes regularly to reflect the freshest local ingredients. From ‘farm-to-table’ concept crafted by Executive Chef, Jeremy Pacheco, you will taste the freshness and quality first-hand.


Cactus Symphony

Posted on: February 15th, 2015 by xmlrpc

Pete Curé shows you plants that don’t need a lot of care and still add drama, character, and depth to your yard. Create a garden sculpture with blue tortilla cactus and build a symphony of plants using ocotillo, totem pole, great big Arizona organ pipe, Argentinean giant, and few agaves. Add some color with purple verbena and desert marigolds. You can create a beautiful painting with existing cacti on your property as well mixing a touch of new colorful ones. All these plants become part of a symphony that makes a front yard landscape look great. See it now!

Learn About Cacti

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Pete Curé visits Cox Cactus Farm to pick out some cool cactus for the historic home remodel project in Paradise Valley. A lot of plants suffered from frost damage during winter, so Pete is careful to pick out the best plants to withstand cooler temperatures.

Did You Know: Cox Cactus Farm carries only locally grown plants and 50 different agaves. It’s important to get Arizona-grown plants because of the Arizona climate. Though other plants may look better, more colorful, they won’t necessarily last as well in the local climate. For more information, please visit

Back at the historic project site, learn how to frame the main front entry by building a mini-stack wall. You can do it yourself this weekend. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but just have an old cool look. Check it out!


Cox Cactus Farm LogoCox Cactus Farm prides themselves on having one of the Valley’s broadest availabilities of cacti, agaves, aloes, and euphorbias from one gallon to large specimen. They also grow shrubs and even broker to ensure every need is met with our unsurpassed customer service.

To contact Cox Cactus Farm, please click here, or call 480-220-1848 to receive more information.