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Un-bee-lievable Career

Posted on: October 26th, 2014 by xmlrpc

Young STEM Investigator, Bekah, braves swarms of honey bees with Jonathan Bobek and finds out why he’s looking forward to researching social insects.

Termite Home Invasion

Posted on: October 26th, 2014 by xmlrpc

Termites chew away billions of dollars in structure damage every year, so why don’t we just eradicate these social insects? Geoff Notkin helps Entomologist Paul Baker locate subterranean termites in the desert, so ways of controlling termites can be refined.

Yard Transformation

Posted on: October 26th, 2014 by xmlrpc

See the elegant changes to the courtyard as the sun is setting. Pete Cure decides to preserve the historic value of the 1926 fountain in the courtyard and uses it as colorful planter. In order to get the sound of water, he adds a small fountain nearby from DeSantana Stone, which brings great ambiance to the area. Pete addresses the homeowners security concern with access to the pool from the main house by adding a pool gate. It adds style to the house and blends in perfectly with the old adobe walls around the courtyard. The doors from Urban Southwest flawlessly fit the character of the house as well as the historic era.

Landscape Lighting

Posted on: October 26th, 2014 by xmlrpc

An important aspect to any landscape is to enjoy its beauty in the evening — and that’s where you need proper lighting. Pete Cure talks with Alex Babb from Grand Materials & Supply regarding different lighting options for the historic home remodel. He wants to install driveway lights, pathway lights, and up lights throughout the property. Pete shows you which lights are best for what purpose – add low key lights to pathways; use large hat lights to illuminate driveways; and use spotlights to light up saguaros and other trees.

Quick Tip: When lighting your property, first set up your spotlights for trees and plants that you want to highlight; then come back and place your path lights – to illuminate darker spaces.

You have an option to use LED bulbs, which consists of different beam spreads and different wattages (just like halogen). LEDs use a very small transformer and some even come with a 15yr warranty. The beauty of LEDs is that there’s practically no maintenance and no need to replace bulbs – if there’s something wrong with the LEDs you buy at Grand Materials & Supply, you can bring them back and exchange them for new ones – no questions asked.

Quick Tip: With low voltage lighting such as LEDs, be sure to use good waterproof connecters to plug in your lights

Watch how Pete turns an ordinary backyard to a great entertaining area for the whole family. He puts a proper irrigation system around the lawn; adds stepping stones and plants to give the backyard some color. The main attraction is a stainless steel barbecue and bar that Pete builds out of masonry and recycled tiles. Now the homeowners can have a party in the backyard, but don’t forget to invite us. The lawn can accommodate large number of people and gatherings with several tables and chairs. We’ll have plenty of room for everybody – even your friends.

See how Pete turns an unused acre of desert by the property into a magical botanical garden. There were overgrown plants and dangerous cacti for passerbyers. Pete makes new pathways that branch off and lead you to seating areas and little hideaways. Pete uses loose rocks around the property to frame the walkways; he builds a wildlife water feature; and the final touch is the lighting to accent the new built path and beautiful plants. The property has undergone a major transformation and now the family has an additional space to use and enjoy.


grand materials

Grand Materials & Supply, Inc. is a wholesale distributor of landscaping products and construction materials.  It sells a wide range of products such as irrigation parts, outdoor lighting, pavers, masonry supplies, cement products, flagstone, travertine, boulders, decorative rock, soil, mulch and all aggregates for outdoors projects, small or large, residential or commercial such as parking lots, roads, pipe lines flood control etc.

The company’s main office, showroom and materials yard is located in Surprise, Arizona, with satellite showrooms and materials yards in Scottsdale, Mesa and Chandler, ArizonaGrand Materials and Supply, Inc. operates a large fleet of dump trucks and flatbed trucks which are used to deliver customer orders to job sites.

Pools & Cocktails

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Pete Cure heads to the pool area to see the transformation. The homeowner wants plants in the area that can live through the winter and aren’t as frost sensitive. Pete cleans up the area and places less frost sensitive plants like purple eremophila, red fairy dusters, and salvia greggiiGopher plants will also fit in nicely with a yellow bloom and they’re not frost sensitive at all. These plants add color to the yard and require less maintenance throughout the year

Quick Tip: Homeowners can add privacy to their pool by adding a tree like dalbergia sissoo to fill up empty gaps around the property.

After making some changes to the pool area, Pete achieves the updated look and low maintenance yard that the homeowner wanted. He also adds an extra bit of security and gives the little ones protection from the main house by adding a gate and a wall to the pool. It fits in perfectly with the rest of the historic home and even looks as if it was originally built in the 1920s.

Speaking of pool area, nothing goes better poolside than having a cocktail. Want a lesson in mixology? Travis Nass from Last Drop Bar at the Hermosa Inn whips up some favorites such as whiskey sour and his signature cocktail, fernet menta. Super simple drink and super delicious – refreshing anytime of the year.

Did You Know: Mixology started back in the 1800s – read more

The philosophy at the Last Drop Bar is simple – create classic cocktails using quality drinks with the freshest seasonal ingredients. Bartenders use lots of newly picked produce from the Hermosa Inn garden or from neighborhood local farmers. The Last Drop Bar has a very homey and welcoming atmosphere – it’s a great place to sit back, have a cocktail, and enjoy some food with friends. Be sure to stop by and treat yourself to a cocktail experience far beyond anything you expected. And if you see Travis, tell him Cheers!


HermosaInnlogo-v2Recently named one of the “Top 500 Hotels in the World” by Travel + Leisure Magazine and Condé Nast Traveler’s Reader’s Choice Award for Top 25 Resorts in the Southwest, The Hermosa Inn is a jewel of a hideaway in the heart of the Valley; minutes from Scottsdale, yet surrounded by an exclusive neighborhood in Paradise Valley.

Originally hand-crafted in the 1930’s by cowboy artist Lon Megargee as his private residence, the Inn’s adobe architecture has kept its “old Arizona” character and charm. All 34 casitas are surrounded by spectacular landscaping and beautiful desert vistas. The accommodations retain the legendary personality and intimate atmosphere of the original hacienda, while enhancing the accommodations with upgraded amenities for a more luxurious experience.

The culinary centerpiece of the Inn is LON’s at the Hermosa, the celebrated Four Diamond restaurant renowned for “artful American” cuisine, which is complemented by its bar and casual dining counterpart Last Drop at the Hermosa, aptly named after one of the many paintings by Megargee that can be seen throughout the historic inn.

For more information, check out or call 602.955.8614

Treasure Revealed

Posted on: October 26th, 2014 by xmlrpc

Pete Cure finishes a two month project and the homeowner, Fred Unger, invites his friends to enjoy and celebrate the makeover. The homeowner reveals his thoughts on the overall transformation. Pete does a wonderful job of matching the new door with the 90yr old entrance gate to the house. Hear the homeowner’s reaction as Pete transforms an acre of raw desert that’s never been used previously into a beautiful botanical-like garden hideaway. Pete does a great job of showcasing the art and sculptures throughout the yard with lighting at night, which makes it very special. The homeowner shares that its become like an outdoor living room.

Did You Know: Art is a huge part of the homeowner’s life as it was of Lon Megargee, who originally built this adobe home in the 1920s so he could paint his works of art overlooking Camelback Mountain. If you are a big fan of Arizona history, you’re probably already familiar with Lon, the famous cowboy artist who built the Hermosa Inn in Paradise Valley. Sharon Figarelli (Figarelli Fine Art) points out that artwork can enhance and showcase the natural beauty of a desert garden. Sculptures magnify and blend in perfectly to the surrounding environment.

Linda Barkman (Editor, Phoenix Home & Garden) was excited to see the new makeover at the historic house – especially since they featured the home on their July 2013 cover, which readers responded to well. It’s a great property with a lot of history. She says the house is magical by night. People like to see old Arizona persevered. The homeowners get lots of kudos and credit for doing a great job in keeping this historic treasure alive.

Overall, the process was very exciting for the homeowner. Creativity flows, plans evolve, and never thought of dreams come to fruition. Pete did a great job adding to the elegance of the historic house and making it truly special for homeowner.

Punk Rock Ants

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On his quest to learn more about social insects, Geoff Notkin visits the lab of ASU Biologist Stephen Pratt, where ants rule… or do they? Ants are “successful anarchists” working together for the benefit of the colony, like many other social insects. See what drives Biologists to study social behavior of insects.

Buzz on Bees

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Social insects can help us discover important information about humanity. Honey bees are critical for pollination of food crops and might be a key to understanding the way our brains age. Geoff Notkin visits Jonathan Bobek at the Amdam Lab at Arizona State University to find out how some honey bees can reverse their aging process.

Pinnacle vs Horizon HL

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Pinnacle Pioneers take on the Horizon Huskies in Scottsdale, AZ. (Highlights – Oct. 23, 2014)

Swim and Dive

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The Pinnacle Girls Swim and Dive team is one of the best in Arizona. They are lead by 2 seniors who just might be the top tandem in the state and are the best of friends… Cox7 Arizona Sports Reporter, Chris Harris, has their story. 

Nano Computers

Posted on: October 21st, 2014 by xmlrpc

The semiconductor industry has been using Nanotechnology for decades so Geoff Notkin and Young STEM Investigator, Peyton, visit Intel to find out how improvements in microchips helps us in our daily lives. Smart phones, tablets and laptops are just part of the freedom in portability that Nanotechnology brings us.


Posted on: October 21st, 2014 by xmlrpc

Nanotechnology could improve the way we treat deadly diseases like cancer through improved drug delivery and earlier detection. Geoff Notkin visits the University of Arizona Cancer Center to see how they’re using nanotechnology to target drug delivery of toxic chemicals to tumor cells, rather than treating the entire body with chemotherapy.