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Art Helping Kids

Posted on: July 27th, 2015 by xmlrpc

Free Arts AZ is changing lives. Professional teaching artist Ryan Ingram, dance instructor for Free Arts Hip Hop Camp, explains the intent of the camp is to introduce kids to the Hip Hop Culture. The camp gives kids the tools and avenues to express themselves creatively through music, art and dance.

This year the camp is held at ASU for a week in July. Campers come from all over the valley and from a variety of environments; forester homes, group homes and treatment centers. The camp gives them an opportunity to interact and hear each other’s story and to know they are going through similar experiences. One student has attended the camp four times and says the camp has become the family he never had. He explains it has increased his sense of confidence. Once a kid that retreated to the corner, he is more open and reaches out to others.

Ingram explains the camp helps kids find their voice. It gives them hope and opportunities they wouldn’t have – it helps them heal. Visit for more information.

CPLC Parenting

Posted on: July 27th, 2015 by xmlrpc

For more than 36 years Parenting Arizona has played a vital role in the community and throughout the state of Arizona. Erika Mendoza, Parenting AZ Director with Chicanos por la Causa shares the mission of Parenting AZ. The mission is to prevent child abuse and maltreatment of children by empowering parents to thrive. Through the organization parents are given tools and techniques to raise healthy and successful children.

In 2014 CPLC directly served 5,000 families and provided outreach to 46,000 families throughout Arizona. Parenting AZ did a survey of parents participating in the programs and services and 98% of parents reported they have been able to better support their children. Of the parents currently being served 97% indicated knowing more about child development. The services are offered statewide and are free. To learn more and be connected to the right programs visit

Operation Summer Claus

Posted on: July 27th, 2015 by xmlrpc

After 14 years of Operation Santa Claus this August will introduce the first ever Operation Summer Claus. Summer Clause will support the four charities supported by Sanderson Ford’s Operation Santa Claus – Military Assistance Mission, Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center, Ronald McDonald House Charities Phoenix and St Mary’s Food Bank. Max Sirstins, of Sanderson Ford, recognizes the charities have needs year round, not just at the holiday season. He notes all of the charities are in Phoenix but they reach statewide. All the money donated stays here to help the local charities and communities.

David Kimmerle, CEO of Sanderson Ford, has dubbed Max the Father of Operation Santa Claus, an event that has grown year after. For Kimmerle giving back to the community has always been a part of Sanderson Ford’s 60 years of doing business. Sanderson employees are involved and the community is involved. Community helping community is a powerful thing.

August 3-9, will begin accepting donations. A $10 donation is suggested but any donation is accepted and appreciated. Going on line and registering is an opportunity to be entered in a drawing to win a holiday trip to Ney York City. After August 9th the selection of a winner will be made. The prize includes airfare, four nights of hotel accommodations, $250 spending money and tickets to a Broadway show. This first ever Operation Summer Claus is a great way to help Sanderson Ford help these charities. These charities and Sanderson Ford have helped thousands of families. Visit for more information on the Claus.

Stitches of Love

Posted on: July 27th, 2015 by xmlrpc

Stitches of Love began in 1967 when the Salt River flooded in Phoenix. Christine Wilhelm, Stitches of Love volunteer, explains a lady and her friends began sewing clothing for children needing clothes after the flood. Today Stitches of Love has over 500 volunteers.

Every month throughout the year an open house is held for volunteers to select materials to be used for a sewing or crafting project. The next month the finished item(s) are returned and held in inventory until the Back To School Clothing Drive distribution the 2nd Saturday in July. It is exciting for the kids to get their backpacks and clothing and what they need to start school. It is important for children to feel confident about going back to school. To find out more out Stitches of Love go to

Ninos Seguros

Posted on: July 21st, 2015 by xmlrpc

Ninos Seguros Back to School and Safety Fair is a family event. The event will have safety and health demonstrations but the best part of the event for the kids seems to be the backpack giveaway. Ray Arvizu, President and CEO of Arvizu Advertising, says along with the pencils and school supplies provided, tablets and computers are also available. Arvizu acknowledges the community effort it takes to make an event like Ninos Seguros happen. For 11 years the event has been successful and he is grateful to the business partners and community members that participate. For Arvizu it is important to love and serve the local community.

Clothing Drive

Posted on: July 21st, 2015 by xmlrpc

The Back to School Clothing Drive has been helping kids in need for over 48 years. Executive Director for the Back to School Clothing Drive, Karl E. Gentles, explains the annual event is to help kids be successful in school. The event serves nearly 6,000 students and provides them with $300 worth of clothing, shoes and school supplies. Nearly 3,000 community and business volunteers make the event possible.

Forty school districts and 140 schools participate in the Back to School Clothing Drive. Schools select the students because the local schools have knowledge of the greatest need. The drive assists students with achievement by helping them focus on learning. Students feel good about going to school when they aren’t worried about what they are wearing or where their supplies are going the come from. The Back to School Clothing Drive is important to kids in Valley communities. For more information or to find out how to be involved, visit or call 602-256-9408.


Posted on: July 21st, 2015 by xmlrpc

For students and advisors is a valuable tool.  For students it is a tool they can use throughout their college programs.  For advisors it is an instrument to guide students to a university suited to their academic pursuits.

Sarah White, Transfer Admissions Counselor for University of Arizona, explains the value of the Course Equivalency Guide in helping students make informed decisions about the courses they are required to take.

Kathy Yeager, Director of Transfer Admission Counselors at Arizona State University, describes as an uncomplicated way for students to see how community college courses will transfer to the three state universities.    

From a student perspective helps students understand the transfer process.  Not only what courses to take, but what questions to ask when seeing an advisor.  Students credit the site as helping them save time and money by avoiding courses that will not transfer to the university.  It is beneficial in helping students see which of Arizona’s universities will be the best school to continue their education after they finish at the community college. 

For Saif Al-Alawi, Academic Advisor at Glendale Community College, linking the community colleges throughout Arizona to Arizona State University, University of Arizona and Northern Arizona University is a great resource for students, their families and academic advisors.

The take away is – whether a first time college student or someone returning to finish a degree, is indispensable for planning and preparation.

Poop on a Stick

Posted on: July 20th, 2015 by xmlrpc

Poop on a stick… yes, there is a science for that. STEM Investigator, Brad Piccirillo, and a wildlife specialist test for diseases in the wild animal population.

Teach For America

Posted on: July 20th, 2015 by xmlrpc

JR and Vanessa show what’s going on this summer for some kids as they begin a five week session of summer school. This summer school will provide learning opportunities for both students and teachers. Richie Ressel, of Heroes for Students, notes the teachers are new teachers with Teach for America and they will begin to learn about teaching. Over the next two years the novice teachers will continue their professional development with the TFA program. Ressel is an alumnus of the TFA program.

Students take part in team building and problem solving activities. In addition they will learn self-defense and get to see some of their career interests in action. The Heroes for Students program provides speakers and volunteers to interact with the students and share their professional experience. Marcos Romero, a recruiter for the Army National Guard, likes the interaction with students because in the near future the students will be part of the workforce. When students are involved with the business community they can see how the careers they are interested in work in the real world.

Catch a Disease!

Posted on: July 20th, 2015 by xmlrpc

Germs come from somewhere and somebody’s gotta find out where, right? STEM investigator, Brad Piccirillo, talks to a wildlife specialist about diseases in the fox population… the 4 legged kind and why it matters to us… the 2 legged kind.

Ready, Set, Get Fit

Posted on: July 20th, 2015 by xmlrpc

When it comes to making sure kids are fit and ready to start a new school year, Phoenix Parks and Recreation and City of Phoenix Latino Institute are teaming up for an event at Maryvale Community Center. The event is called, Ready Set Phoenix Kids Get Fit. This event will be a day of fun and activity for the whole family with a focus on the kids. Fitness activities and information about nutrition supports the fitness theme. Free haircuts, vision, dental and hearing check-ups will be available. Immunizations, health check-ups and body mass readings will also be provided free for the kids.

Carmela Ramirez from the City of Phoenix says Ready Set Phoenix Kids Get Fit is a team effort to meet the needs of the Westside community. The Saturday event is on August 1, 9am-2pm, 4420 N. 51st Ave, Maryvale.

Flea Plague

Posted on: July 20th, 2015 by xmlrpc

STEM Investigator, Brad Piccirillo, is itching to learn more about diseases like the “Black Death”. He’s on the hunt for diseases and fleas.