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100914071054EFS_e03_Teaser Thumbnail

Episode 3: Teaser

Jetboats, helicopters, 3D camera
rig & one hardcore crew (Teaser)

082414080817Tybee Island GA

Tybee Island, GA

Tybee Island’s lighthouse and
China’s Diaolou House Castles

041414010437Seg 4

Nano Computers

Computers keep getting smaller thanks to Nanotechnology

090814080942Boys & Girls Club

Boys & Girls Club

The Boys & Girls Club of Metro Phoenix SMART Girls Robotics Club

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Desert Mtn vs Red Mtn HL

Desert Mountain vs Red Mountain (Highlights: 10/2/14)


Tea with Tapasya

Geoff can’t believe what
Tapasya’s tea is made from!


ACU vs KY Wesleyan HL

Arizona Christian University vs
Kentucky Wesleyan (Highlights)

101014061043CALA Overview

CALA Overview

CALA Festival exclusive
interview and sneak peak

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090514040916ESPERANZA LOGO for website 1280x720

Esperanza Teacher Awards

16th Annual Esperanza Latino Teacher Awards (10.23.14)

092514050901Halloween Fashion Show

Halloween Fashion Show

Halloween costume expert shows
inexpensive costume ideas


Central AZ, October

Explore upcoming events happening in Central, AZ during October


Verde River Presentation

Journey down the Verde River
one of AZ last free flowing rivers