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042514110422Wake Rider

Wake Rider Teaser

Wakeboards and dirtbikes
(S01E12 Teaser)

072514070759From Farm to Plate

From Farm to Your Plate

Fresh ingredients directly
from the farm to your plate


Remodels & Pottery

Backyard remodels and pottery shop
(Step Outside – S01E15)

4919Poster Image

Civil Engineering

Who designs cities? Civil engineers
(STEM Journals – S02E08)

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Custom Bikes

Custom bikes from a member of the Legions Bike Club


Low Riders

Check out unique cars and trucks known as Low Riders


Speed Master Pt-1

A speed junkie in a 3500 horsepower beast (S01E04)

El Charro Package

El Charro Café

The oldest family-owned Mexican restaurant in the country

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Preparing for College

Find out everything you need to know on college preparation

060314110623GW SEG FOUR

Goodwill Career Expo

Goodwill’s Career Expo is the single largest job fair in Arizona


AZ Hero – Darren

Darren Chapman is a finalist for the 2014 Cox Conserves Award

0708Premier Auto Center_A People's Dealer

A People’s Dealer

Scott and his customers explain what “For the People” means