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072514070759From Farm to Plate

From Farm to Your Plate

Fresh ingredients directly
from the farm to your plate

041314060418Noel Velez

Shifting Gears

Your past doesn’t equal
your future (S01E11)


Wild Elephant Encounter

encounter wild elephants in India’s Periyar Tigger Reserve


AZ vs Portland HL

Arizona Rattlers vs Portland
Thunder (Highlights July 20, 2014)

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Custom Bikes

Custom bikes from a member of the Legions Bike Club


Low Riders

Check out unique cars and trucks known as Low Riders


Speed Master Pt-1

A speed junkie in a 3500 horsepower beast (S01E04)

El Charro Package

El Charro Café

The oldest family-owned Mexican restaurant in the country

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Phx Children’s Hospital

Arizona Rattlers players
visit children at PCH


Summer at the Princess

Everything about summer fun at the Princess Resort in Scottsdale

042514100457Big Attitude

Big Attitude Teaser

Ditching the corporate suits
(S01E10 Teaser)

052214120553CnC_SummerFun_Online Poster

Summer Fun Days

Purchase an all-day unlimited rides pass at Bashas’ or Food City